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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES 2010)

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Quote from: sima123 on 29 November 2009, 23:14:38

spartan kako se ubacuje tvoj pec za jelen ligu i za srbiju?

Axaxa a sam se zezno pa owo je update znaci ako skinem owaj drugi pec oce li biti sve isto kao i u prvom samo malo vise stvari mislim oce li biti cela liga u updateu?

Znam da pitam glupo ali recite mi da neskidam bzv

Skines prvo JSL instaliras,instalacija je klasicna kao na vecini igrica,skines update isto je instalacija obicna,kad se instalira JSL dobije se nova ikonica JSL preko koje pokreces ovaj dodatak.

znaci prvo skinem jsl instaliram pa skinem update instaliram sve tamo gde mi je pes instaliran?meni je na D jel tako

Quote from: sima123 on 30 November 2009, 00:17:44

znaci prvo skinem jsl instaliram pa skinem update instaliram sve tamo gde mi je pes instaliran?meni je na D jel tako

Da tako je,tamo gde je pes instaliran tu ide i JSL,posle instalacije dobijas novu ikonicu za pokretanje JSL-e.

PES 2010 Patchevi


(Realni ambijentalni zvukovi)

This patch will change the entire sounds of your game.
New goal sounds, whistle, crowssbar, missed situations, gk saved, champions celebrations, fouls etc.
SFX SOUNDS BETA ( NEUTRAL PUBLIC) – by Diego Martiniello
(this patch doesn´t modify the chants)
Sounds changed:

* ambient
* cheer up
* box
* goal
* miss situations
* gk saves
* free kicks
* penalty goal
* penalty miss and saved (now stadium ecplotes when rival miss)
* fouls
* counter attacks
* champions celebrations
* entrance
* ball bounce
* passing
* shooting
* heading
* NEW Whistles – better than v2 version (edited the goal kick, free kick and corner kick lenght- now is shorter and real)
* crossbar
* goal post
* catch trap and punch too (GK)
* all in a realistic sound level

etc etc etc

(some audios still not replaced so you could hear my voice in there (i use that way to MAP the audios) )
this patch works only with full stadium crowds
Sounds erased:
* trap ball with chest an foot
* dribblig
* ball touch while running




Music Patch by Tenebral

11 "Ca M'Enerve", "Helmut Fritz"
12, "Clash", "Junkie XL"
13, "Gold", "Antoine Clamaran"
14, "SummerLove", "Justin Timberlake"
15, "Keep Your Head", "The Ting Tings"
16, "Bulletproof", "La Roux"
17, "The Fame", "Lady GaGa"
18, "Love Is Gone", "David Guetta"
19, "I Want You Back", "The Jackson Five"
20, "Finger On The Trigger", "Never Heard Of It"
21, "Pjanoo", "Eric Prydz"
22, "Hey There Is Delilah", "Plain White T's"
23, "The One", "Sharam feat. Daniel Bedingfield"
24, "Boom Boom Pow (David Guetta Electro Hop Remix)", "The Black Eyed Peas"
25, "Around The Bend", "The Asteroids Galaxy Tour"
26, "Army Of Two", "Umek VS Beltek"
27, "Sexy Bitch", "David Guetta feat. Akon"
28, "San Sebastian (Revisited)", "Sonata Arctica"
29, "Rock This Party", "Bob Sinclar feat. Cutee B"
30, "Manos Al Aire", "Nelly Furtado"
31, "Get It Right", "Yas"
32, "Evacuate The Dancefloor", "Cascada"
33, "Eh, Eh (There's Nothing Else I Can Say)", "Lady GaGa"
35, "Beautiful", "Akon"
36, "Available", "Flo Rida feat. Akon"
37, "New Soul", "Yael Naim"
38, "Great DJ", "The Ting Tings"
39, "Let The Bass Kick", "Chuckie"
40, "Mas Que Nada", "Sergio Mendes feat. The Black Eyed Peas"
41, "California", "Phantom Planet"
42, "Song 2", "Blur"
43, "A La Bien", "Soprano"
44, "Baby Boy", "Beyonce feat. Sean Paul"
45, "Dance Dance", "Fall Out Boy"
46, "Hush Hush", "The Pussycat Dolls"
47, "I Gotta Feeling", "The Black Eyed Peas"
48, "I'm Yours", "Jason Mraz"
49, "D.A.N.C.E.", "Justice"
50, "Let Me Think About It", "Ida Corr VS Fedde Le Grand"
51, "Memories", "David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi"
52, "Hotel Room Service", "Pitbull"
53, "Signs", "Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake"
54, "Senorita", "Justin Timberlake"
55, "Apologize", "One Republic feat. Timbaland"
56, "Release Me", "Agnes"
57, "Waterfalls 2008", "Tom Snare"
58, "Breaking The Habit", "Linkin Park"
59, "Digital Love", "Daft Punk"



http://www.filefront.com/14880745/TENEBRAL MUSIC PATCH.rar

JSL Patch
Јелен Супер Лига печ за пес 2010
у печу се налазе следећи тимови:

Борац Чачак
Бск Борча
Црвена Звезда
Чукарички Станком
Динамо Врање
Хајдук Кула
Млади Радник
Напредак Крушевац
Офк Београд
Раднички Ниш
Спартак Златибор Вода

- Скорборд узет из демо печ-а јсл 2010
- Грбови бу млађа
- Дресови бу ерцов
- Навијања бу Горан
- ОФ бу Горан
- Јелен Супер Лига уместо холандске лиге бу Горан
- Навијања за Звезду су следећа

Морем плови једна мала барка
По зими,киши,сунцу,снегу или кошава
Публика је твоја
Звезда ми је све




- имена играча изнад дреса су
- све репрезентације имају своје дресове
- мале промене менија
- скореборд
- сређени раднички и рад пошто су били замењени дресови и грб
- навијања за следеће тимове
- сређена јагодина и јавор помешани играчи били

ОФК Београд

- Звездина навијања су следећа

По зими,киши...
Од рођења мог




- Currect Faces & Hairs
- Players Name
- Players Number
- Players Position
- Players Nationality”Fixed”
- Players Age”Fixed”
- Players Height & Weight”Fixed”
- Players Abilities”Fixed”
- Players Stronger Foot”Fixed”
- Currcet Teams Captian
- Teams Game Plan”Updated”
- Bundesliga in place of Eredivisie
- Removed Arminia to Bundesliga
- New Faces

- New Transfers (By Leo)
- HD Emblems For all Teams




PES 2010 Licensing Patch v2.00
Version 2.00
> ALL Premier League Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players.
> ALL Serie A Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players.
> ALL La Liga Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players.
> ALL Eredivise Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players.
> ALL Ligue 1 Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players.
> Most National Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players.
> Formations to teams have been re-corrected.
> National Team Players that weren't registered are now registered.
> Updated the National Cups, now include:
FIFA World Cup 2010

> National Teams updated:
TOGO-All players registered
UNITED STATES-All players registered
BULGARIA-All players registered
WALES-All players registered
SERBIA-All players registered
> League logos updated for Master League and League Cup
> ALL formations complete
> Added Ballpack 1.1 by Amauri
> Re-corrected Wolverhampton Wolves to Wolverhampton Wanderers
> UD Almeria (La Liga) logo updated to 64x64

1) Extract "kitserver" and "save" from the .rar archive.
2) Place the "save" folder into the following directory:

C:\Users\>YOUR USERNAME HERE<\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

3) Click "Ok" to confirm to overwrite.
4) Place the "kitsever" folder into the following directory:

C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

5) Click "Continue" on the Administrator overwrite prompt.
6) If using Windows 7, install the following addon located in the .rar archive.
The file name is called "dxwebsetup".
7) Once installed, locate back to the folder where you placed the "kitserver"
8) Open the "kitsever" folder.
9) Double Click on "setup.exe"
10) Before clicking "Install" verify that "pes2010.exe" is in Read-Only attirbutes.
To do this, right click on "pes2010.exe" and choose "Properties". Where the section says "Attributes",
Untick the box that applies to 'Read-Only", then click "Apply, followed by "Ok".
11) Revert back to the "setup.exe" and Click "Install".
12) Close the dialog box.
13) Go back to "pes2010.exe" and Right Click, choose "Properties" and choose the "Compatibility Tab"
Then Underneath "Privillege Level", choose "Run as Administrator".
Followed by "Apply" , then "Ok".
14) Run the game.
15) Play and enjoy.



Bootpack by 3ecken1elfer



Golmanske rukavice


Kopirati u dt.0d.img




ok imam ja program kitserver ali nemoze dzaba mora da se ubaci ovo u img ali neznam kako nemoze


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