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Author Topic: VA - Zarathustra's Revenge: Tribute To Italian Progressive Rock Of The Seventies  (Read 320 times)
« on: 16 April 2014, 10:47:19 »

VA - Zarathustra's Revenge: Tribute To Italian Progressive Rock Of The Seventies (1997)
MP3 CBR 320Kbps | 4CD | Mellow Records, MMP 328 A/B/C/D
~ 1688 or 1691 or 651 Mb | Scans(jpg, 300dpi) -> 64 Mb | Progressive Rock / RPI

4 CD Box set from Mellow records devoted to recounting the wonderful 1970's Italian progressive rock scene... my personal favorite of all time. For those who turn your nose up at tribute albums in general may want to not read on... for the remainder you let me just say that this is a truly amazing and very comprehensive box set with some great musical allusion and colorful packaging. Bands covered include PFM, PIERROT LUNAIRE, NEW TROLLS, Le ORME, MUSEO ROSENBACH, NOMADI, BALLETTO DI BRONZO, BANCO, OSANNA, LOCANDA DELLE FATE, CELESTE, ACQUA FRAGILE, AREA, QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA, GOBLIN and many more. Although several key 70's Ital-Prog band are disappointingly not referenced here (ie. ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA, IL VOLO, SEMIRAMIS & LATTE E MIELE) it remains still in my eyes a thorough representation of this influential and highly creative era. Highlights are honestly far too vast to cover here but some tasty contributions I need to mention are made by: MAD CRAYON's symphonic cover of PIERROT LUNAIRE's "Sotto I Ponti", FINISTERRE's unbelievable live version of PFM's "Alta Loma Five Till Nine", FONYA (USA) and his powerful medley, A PIEDI NUDI's eye opening cover of Le ORME's "Era Inverno", 3Vel's jazz interpretation of IL BARICENTRO's "Trusciant", BEGGAR'S FARM's rich vocal acapella-like cover of PFM's "Dove... Quando" and even ARS NOVA's (Japan) CRIMSON-like interpretation of IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO's "Epilogo". Some bands have really had some creative fun with the music presented here and have manipulated and have actually re-presented the material with variations on the original themes and ideas. After all I think this is a much more progressive way to approach tribute albums! As mentioned above the packaging is quite exceptional with all 4 CD's bound in a hard cover with a lovely 40 page book covering the contents and philosophy of the box set. Of course the original versions are always the authentic gems, but if you are a true lover of 70's era Italian prog rock then this collaboration in tribute is a wonderful prized and welcome possession. In a world where so called "Prog-Experts" write book recounting the progressive rock genre and erroneously fail to make mention of the Italian scene, then it is a true relief and a testimonial to remind us all of how significant and rich the 70's Italian Progressive Rock scene really was.

Tracklist CD1:

01. SEA REACH & FRIENDS (Finland) - Principe di un giorno [Celeste] (6:42)
02. A PIEDI NUDI (Italy) Era inverno [Le Orme] (4:42)
03. ZAUBER (Italy) Impressioni di settembre [PFM] (3:38)
04. MARY NEWSLETTER (Italy) In un vecchio cieco [Osanna](4:43)
05. HOSTSONATEN (Italy) Vorrei incontrarti [Alan Sorrenti](5:40)
06. FONYA (USA) PFM medley: River of life [ Celebration [Paper charms [PFM](6:06)
07. NOSTALGIA (Italy) Ciò che nasce con me [Alusa Fallax](5:34)
08. AVARTA (Italy) Europa minor [Mauro Pagani](6:16)
09. LUNA INCOSTANTE (Italy) Sono un pesce [Flea](4:31)
10. PROWLERS (Italy) Ultima ora e Ode a J. Hendrix [The trip](11:10)
11. FINISTERRE (Italy) Alta Loma Five Till Nine [PFM](8:21)

Tracklist CD2:

01. CLARION (Italy) R.I.P. (Requiescant in pace) [Banco](5:01)
02. NOVA MALA’ STRANA (Italy) Luglio,agosto, settembre (nero) [Area](4:26)
03. TRAMA (Italy) Profumo di colla bianca [Locanda delle Fate](6:40)
04. MARCO MASONI (Italy) Battiato medley: Areknames /Fenomenologia /Plancton /Tao /Meccanica [Battiato](7:46)
05. ASTRAL WEEKS (Italy) Molto lontano (a colori) [Le Stelle di Mario Schifano](4:22)
06. ATON'S (Italy) Canzone per un’amica [Guccini - Nomadi](4:11)
07. ENDLICH ALLEIN (Italy) Il duomo di notte [Fortis](4:50)
08. INTERFACE (Japan) Canto del capro [Cervello](6:39)
09. ICONAE (Italy) U.F.D.E.M. [Jacula](5:39)
10. ALTERA (Italy) Prologo [Quella Vecchia Locanda](6:02)
11. MAD CRAYON (Italy) Sotto i ponti [Pierrot Lunaire](6:40)
12. MASSIMO MAZZEO (Italy) Vecchie notti distese sulla spuma del mare [Portici](2:09)

Tracklist CD3:

01. ALGEBRA (Italy) Felona e Sorona [Le Orme](13:30)
02. MOUSE (Italy) Zarathustra [Museo Rosenbach](8:27)
03. AUDIO (Italy) Sguardo verso il cielo [Le Orme](4:32)
04. STRANGE NEW TOYS (USA) Snip-Snap [Goblin](3:20)
05. THE ANCIENT VEIL (Italy) Gioco di bimba [Le Orme](3:06)
06. MYROS (Italy) Suoni [I Nomadi](3:37)
07. ITALIAN ROCK SESSION BAND (Japan) Concerto grosso n°2 - 1°tempo: vivace [New Trolls](2:55)
08. ITALIAN ROCK SESSION BAND (Japan) Primo incontro [Il Balletto di Bronzo](6:42)
09. GERARD (Japan) La conquista della posizione eretta [Banco del Mutuo Soccorso](8:22)
10. ARS NOVA (Japan) Epilogo [Il Balletto di Bronzo](6:18)
11. FINNEUS GAUGE (USA) Sconcerto [Il baricentro](4:44)
12. LODOVICO ELLENA (Italy) La realtà non esiste [Claudio Rocchi](2:05)

Tracklist CD4:

01. BLONDIE FOX (Italy) Neve calda [Il Balletto di Bronzo](2:43)
02. NOTTURNO CONCERTANTE (Italy) Coffee song [Acqua fragile](4:04)
03. TMA (Italy) Il mercato degli dei [Battiato](4:38)
04. BEGGAR’S FARM (Italy) Dove... Quando... [PFM](3:20)
05. 3VEL (Italy) Akua [Il Baricentro](5:21)
06. PAGE (USA) PFM medley: Mr. 9’till 5 / Four Holes in the Ground / Grazie Davvero [PFM](6:08)
07. PHIL BEANE (USA) Via Lumière [PFM](6:57)
08. EFTUS (Italy) Favole antiche [Celeste](10:12)
09. DREAM TOYS (Italy) Nel cuore nell’anima [Equipe 84](3:13)
10. MINDFLOWER (Italy) Non chiudere a chiave le stelle [Locanda delle fate](4:42)
11. SEQUENZA PRINCIPALE (Italy) Genealogia [Perigeo](5:11)
12. FRANCO SERENA (Italy) E’ un giorno caldo, triste e fiacco [Le Nuvole di Paglia](3:36)
13. H2O (Italy) C’è un paese al mondo [Maxophone](10:55)
14. MOONGARDEN (Italy) There will be time [Osanna](6:31)

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