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The diaoyu islands to eventually
Since China huaxia since five thousand, the three sovereigns, travelling at the beginning of the three has been expanding territory, the origin of the cradle of water to have the provinces of hubei, to chow to south in the period of the han dynasty territory expansion in Beijing area, north to the sea and to the song of the northern and southern dynasties to conquest, Inner Mongolia and xinjiang generation, and the initial formation of today's Chinese territory map, from the territory of all countries but not to occupy, unless in terms of the weak from the territory to save save deeds.
Since the song dynasty, known as the Japanese aggression of China's ambitions, and not at the beginning of the guide to the qing to countries to open the door of aggression against China, the yuanmingyuan ruins is as the proof of the g8 coalition forces of aggression against China, if a big country but in qing dynasty did not face hard pour countries, super early caused a mess of the bureaucratic difficult in failure, to have the insurgents, and the g8 coalition, after the overthrow of the qing dynasty, the republic of China initial confusion has leased territory, and eventually again from the Japanese aggression against China's ambitions and underground laying of the communist party, and then after the Japanese surrender unconditionally, set up the present situation in China, in China was set up after the initial, others in the history, with the invasion of Vietnam and Korean lift and so on.And these have become the history of China's eight honors, eight disgraces as lessons, and would always remember at the time when the old Summer Palace, the eight yet speed of development, China will soon must become the master of the world, that is to say, with decades of north China have win can be wiped out by the force of a nation's major powers.It's a metaphor.
And back to 1997 Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan's three major provinces and cities, it is enough to witness the powerful and the heart of the Chinese people in China, and the diaoyu islands is sworn in will, by 2012, Japan and the diaoyu islands dispute ended in silence, the original meaning to help Japan and jade, this everywhere to illustrate the two big powers positive confrontation with China, have no courage to the in the mind of Chinese people of the United States today, surface, so-called the world leader of the United States who estimates are nominal.And what the invasion of Japan since the song dynasty to the republic of China period, had become the Chinese people heart forever cannot erase the hatred, as long as it is a little spark overflowing, estimates that in the future China will be aimed at the Japanese in world war ii is also very likely, GuoQiu regret not disorderly do what it says are difficult to make up the wounds.So from time to time will be set off against Japanese goods, etc in China say with the parade.
In fact, the heart of the Japanese is so so, the diaoyu islands is located in China close to, want to put the diaoyu islands dispute triggered a war, and battle set from China, no matter how China the outcome, will bring huge losses to China and hit, was originally a battle over the diaoyu islands is a predatory, want to clear at the seventh hour the trend to plunder the eight Chinese wealth, their own with billions or to billions of money only, and want to return for the priceless territories, and to the U.S. and China on the day when the diaoyu islands dispute could set off world war again, territorial dispute is on war to determine the ownership, but if a battle over the diaoyu islands China's unconditional give up, don't to Inner Mongolia, xinjiang and heilongjiang if other countries such as South Korea and Mongolia to the reconquista, that China did not need the unconditional return from other countries.So the battle of the diaoyu islands is inevitable, while Japan and the United States since have been involved in the dispute, if left empty-handed estimate two big powers in the future will not be able to power and is known as the boss of the nation.Diaoyu island were, are, and the battle is just a matter of sooner or later, if and how the g8 coalition that again, more than the population of China is not afraid of loss of manpower, just so need more land resources shortage to survive, so the battle over the diaoyu islands are all China is.An island with rich resources, or may be with diplomatic and comments can give up, country and country's territorial dispute trial by the ancient war is always belong to which country, it is not only the territorial dispute, is in the national will face in the future in other countries of the neutral, and citizens to other countries in other countries in the world in the future position.
Japan wants to fight this diaoyu island were, are, and one or two countries alone is estimated to be a bit difficult, unless the United Nations world to look to whether can beat China, at the current trend of China, even if again late qing reproducibility of the g8 coalition also has no any big losses for made in China.Japan wants to fight this diaoyu island were, are, and one or two countries alone is estimated to be a bit difficult, unless the United Nations world to look to whether can beat China, at the current trend of China, even if again late qing reproducibility of the g8 coalition also has no any big losses for made in China.
And diaoyu island were, are, and if any one of the officials give up will be a sinner in the history of their people and.Diaoyu island dispute has become nothing more than America's joke in Chinese.A piece of territory resources involved in the two powers, but afraid of China's exaggerated words away,The diaoyu islands to eventually, a piece of territory resources can be said to be the priceless words and spend some money easily fix two small power struggle.So for days beauty diaoyu island were, are, and the battle between the two countries are at lest, since has been involved in the dispute, they can only be a fight to the end.Japan-us for diaoyu island were, are, and the mastery of the two countries may be everything all appropriate, lost will have unexpected consequences, also no longer is the world's largest power, perhaps in the future would lead to world war ii, revenge of the other countries to make up lost ground, etc., a world war ii, the weak will basically be invaded by other great powers (nations) the possibility of war is not - is that a battlefield where countries, which country it is destined to basically loss, where the failure is not only refers to the lost territory, even - also, because of the loss of wealth and resources, and national strength and resources are weakened, and the destruction of all order and other aspects.But if the United States on the way out of it will become a laughing stock in the rest of the world, and at the present day beauty concern is China's number of more to do with the country's rich, and maybe this day beauty will other countries again for more chances, and decrease the loss of their national higher robbing territory and wealth.
If the diaoyu island were, are, and once the war, but in fact islands fight really area is finite, so can conclude that landing site must be in summer door, quanzhou, putian of fujian province and other regions, and only keep part of the troops stationed on the diaoyu islands, in fujian province and other places onboard the battlefield to expand on the one hand, on the other hand is to diaoyu island were, are, and formed a line of defense.And this is one, the other is xu assists area on the northern territory to outer Mongolia, South Korea, north Korea, Russia and other countries, in order to form the north harassment dispersal is easier for the diaoyu islands occupied speed and reduction of losses.At the same time, several parties within China with the dark forces will also be linked to strengthen ourselves again, will be more distraction defense of the diaoyu islands.
Chinese people call themselves the etiquette nation, but inside is bullied shameless, but with one more fraud to defraud the diaoyu islands territorial credentials, threaten americans retreat to participate in the territorial dispute, large population but insufficient resources must be actually, so there was no more than half of the army weapons and equipment, and most of the troops and equipment is basically some backward equipment, is only 2% - 7% of the forces with operational capability, because the habit of Chinese people too greedy and insult each other, and neither thought China during world war ii victory against China's large population and the Japanese surrender, and don't know because because the Pacific war broke out and let the Japanese out of China.Not by many modern warfare, and strategy by science and technology equipment, and automatic weaken the power makes China is the civil war, while China's civil war as long as there is war will surely lead to civil war.While China in world war ii the Japanese surrender, invasion of Vietnam.The diaoyu islands dispute without effort to win, make the Chinese more proud, the japan-american both sides haven't war is timid, really afraid of shameless Chinese?You at ordinary times that pride and ambition spirit of never yielding just hang theoretically, the glory of the country is need to strive for, will earn more respect from other nation.
At present in China on behalf of the international coalition government criticized Japan, don't know what kind of identity as a representative?The Japanese aggression against China and other 23 countries invaded China already belongs to China itself, now to accuse other criticism, at present China is really strong?Anyway, have been included in China's aggression in the blacklist, whereas China is now the potential danger, from this a few years to recover the macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the current battle over the diaoyu islands.Aggression against the Japanese aggression against China and 23 other countries was originally a qing dynasty were down of the republic of China, China is invited to the royal family of the qing dynasty foreign aid to establish the qing dynasty, can be sent out by kawashima yoshiko and other royal aristocrats of children, and then set up a puppet government in world war ii and is an example.But other countries are arrived at the lobby, sun yat-sen in the precondition of xinhai revolution, sun yat-sen in against the qing dynasty by empress dowager slain massacre, after China started outbreak of revolution.And that some of the blame but don't know who should replace it?Since no reflection felt by many days, just want to hand more than the Chinese is not terrible, in this paper can break after potential danger, formation against all around, the southeast northwest four aspects.And people more than once the outbreak of civil war and minus seventy percent.
Diaoyu island were, are, and that the map is in the hands of the Japanese, but be coaxed back by means of fraud in China, actually a map to which countries, that piece of territory is which country, like a house across the land, house even in China, but the land is in the hands of the Japanese, both in law and in theory, territory, or to Japan, as long as it is how large is the area of the land, that piece of territory is belong to have title deeds, so after the diaoyu islands were defrauded, can undertake claim by fraud, and United Nations against war to China;The United States is on the grounds that the lost ground, such as hebei area of China is the invasion of north Korea, South Korea, Russia and other countries, and the northwest area of Inner Mongolia is invading outer Mongolia, and the two way soldier, the other is at the beginning of world war ii, China invaded Vietnam after liberation, can invite Vietnam to attack the south area, this is all the soldiers;Soldier with the United States and Japan before the fourth road in fujian for landing site, this is four soldiers.And the other with a dozen other countries participated in the 24 countries invaded China alliance to weaken on all aspects of support, anyway is blacklisted, blow to the weakening after China's national strength after subtracting the potential danger, to let them unable to revenge.War is not to wait for their own development Nemesis, but rather in the initiative, breeding, the population of China is also in constant rise of the population of any country will surpass China before?Actually, although these comments will not result in a war with China at present, but will be in a decade or two years after the war, these statements may bring some help to the world a little.Because in a decade or two years later China will be stronger, then mostly ordnance equipment will be more perfect.
For China's behaviour over the years, most countries in the world are unhappy state of mind.And cancel the alliance with China and friendly.Some countries to China in the future to expand the territory in prepared to defense, to join several other United Nations to resist the invasion of China in the future.Dozens of the United Nations to prepare against China, the vast country of 1.4 billion people.Don't also want to for a shameful country, and give up dozens of countries and friendly.In China in recent years to recover, macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hong Kong and as well as the battle over the diaoyu islands and ThituIsland recovered preparation is sufficient to prove everything, this shows that China's population of demand for insufficient territory already cannot satisfy their ambitions.
Now China is currently more than 1.5 billion people, and for the huge country, facing the national territory, such as the Philippines "Thitu Island" is a case in point, all in the name of the reconquista grabs soft invasion, and the alarm was international countries regard it for granted, the overly paralysis mentality, in China in recent years its macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, then there is the diaoyu islands.Can prove everything, for the present, the two countries is estimated to be hard to consumption of China's national strength, and if in efforts to win more Allies, the two countries came to attack, only a way to support other Chinese organizations, provoking the Chinese civil war, the civil war not only needs to support other organizations, there must be the foreign military attack to make its rapid growth.This can be not used up their strength, easily solve the risk, and other organizations in China have been growing.
Fish island dispute after, the mainland each strengthening military training, military exercise has also increased in the United States in the future war against Japan, and in the configuration on the arms is also increased a lot, at one point in the network news prompted a determined the diaoyu islands, and to revenge and Japan during world war ii aggression, China to Japan for revenge, since China thought that more people will bring the invincible, but ignores the other countries, thought that the rest of the army is stay idle.At present in all countries in the world are on the increase of military training, has been prepared for the war against China.In this since one hundred, the country has been invaded China alliance together, believe that these forces enough to overcome a China, small war can weaken China's national strength, also can let those countries to recover lost ground in China.
China is explained in a recent news conference, in this one hundred to 24 countries invasion to China.Japan a country area is the smallest, but the most ambitious, when Japanese invaded China, formation damage is the largest.Estimates internal military in China, has sent a large number of agents to a military and political aspect to investigate.And this press conference is mainly in order to prevent other countries coalition military aggression against China.
Recent news, China has begun to increase population plan, prepare plans for population increase, in the shortest time for other countries to prepare for.And at present China has become the axis (countries) alone in the world.
Other countries have joined the japan-american alliance basically, some countries have weaken the plan for China.
China plans to increase the population about preparing for future expansion of territory; Now see a small part of the country, from the news to destroy earth as an excuse to just see that they fear China's mental state,
China was originally a predatory as truth; The only alliance, weaken China's national strength and their ambitions.
In many Chinese news reports in Japan and the United States, it can be seen in the news in Japan and the United States feel fear of China, but China is more afraid of multiple countries combined against China.
Chinese journalists also find some similar news continuously in the rest of the world, is to let all countries in the war of repentance, goal is scattered around the ambition, the Chinese early dozen have a psychological war. After waiting for the time is right, China will find a reason to fight.
For China's ambition to increase the problem, and the Chinese population is also beginning to implement the increase plan.
China in the news reports had arrest more by foreign spies to temptation, to sell military intelligence was arrested, China has begun to foreign countries increased interior defense. Chinese combat troops have also increased the level of combat training in the near future.
Actually more population, more political disputes and black power organization, as long as inside China other dark forces get faster growth can to compete with the Chinese government, it is possible to make China a change of political governance organization. In fact, it can also allow the country's black forces to exile in China, on the one hand can reduce the damage to their own country, on the other hand, can achieve the goal, the harm to the benefits of.
To reduce the current science on the future of the land area, marine in increasing, and it just sooner or later. That is to say like Japan and the United States and other countries, as long as the national territory and the altitude of the low countries will face the early extinction. And before that also will launch an unprecedented world chaos, causing World War is inevitable, and the Chinese territory in the highest altitude, in the chaos of the future world is similar to the territory of China and Tibet, the most valuable.
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