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Author Topic: Adobe - SVE TU  (Read 42377 times)
« on: 28 March 2009, 03:24:00 »

Adobe PhotoShop CS 8.0 Full

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« Reply #1 on: 24 June 2009, 12:07:30 »

 7 Best PHOTOSHOP Plugins - Worth over 1500$

PhotoTools 1.0 Professional Edition

Whether you are new to photography and have never experienced the darkroom or you are an experienced pro who has mastered photography you will appreciate the range of authentic camera, filter and darkroom techniques reproduced with PhotoTools 1.0 Professional Edition. PhotoTools 1.0 Professional Edition contains 250 effects by Jack Davis, Kevin Kubota and onOne Software that faithfully reproduce camera filters like neutral density, color correction and polarization as well as darkroom techniques and alternative processes like solarization, cyanotype and more. You can even simulate the look of different films with the a wide range of grain and contrast effects.

The key to PhotoTools 1.0 Professional Edition is its unique ability to provide full-screen previews of an effect on your image before you choose to apply it. But it isn’t just a single effect, you can stack multiple effects on top of each other just like you would camera filters. You can control the order of each effect and how they blend together for a truly unique look. You can even save your effect stacks so you can repeat them easily and even share them with your friends you have PhotoTools.

PhotoTools 1.0 Professional Editions Feature:

* Preview Photoshop action effects before applying to original
* Combine multiple effects together in a layered stack
* Adjust the strength or opacity for each layer in a stack
* Save layer stacks as presets for future use
* Batch process effects on multiple photos
* Apply effect with a layer mask for additional editing
* Base set of 150 effects from onOne and Jack Davis
* Additional 50 effects from Jack Davis
* Additional 50 effects from Kevin Kubota
OnOne_Photo_Tools_1.0_3.rar (Size: 50217 KB)

FocalPoint 1 - Full Version Price

The use of selective focus has been part of photography since the very first lenses where invented. There are many techniques used to control either the plane of focus or removing sharpness from edges. The most common way to do this is by controlling depth of field in the camera by using a large aperture lens producing a narrow depth of field. Now photographers have a new Photoshop plug-in to help put the focus where they want — the all new FocalPoint 1.0.

OnOne_FocalPoint.1.0.rar (Size: 95418 KB)

Genuine Fractals Print Pro 5 - Full Version

Genuine Fractals 5 Print Pro is the industry standard for image resizing. It is renowned across the photographic and printing industries for its ability to increase image size well over1000 % without the loss of sharpness or detail that you would normally expect. Its patented, fractal based interpolation algorithms work like nothing else and the results speak for themselves.

Genuine Fractals 5 Print Pro is a must for any photographer who makes large format and poster sized prints. Its also great for journalists, sports and wildlife photographers who may need to take a cropped section of an image and make a high-quality print from it. Genuine Fractals5 can even work its magic with digital video still frames "up-rezzing" from standard-definition to high-definition video quality.

Graphic designers can end the everyday problem of receiving low resolution images from clients for high resolution print work such as magazine publications or tradeshow and billboard graphics.

Genuine Fractals 5 Professional Editions Feature:

* Resize images up to 1000%
* Control new pixel detail in continuous tone areas
* Control new pixel detail on edges to eliminate halos
* Apply sharpening based on luminosity only
* Add simulated film grain for perceptual sharpening
* Includes 62 document size presets
* Save your own custom presets
* Supports cropping and resizing in one step
* Supports resizing RGB images
* Supports resizing grayscale images
* Supports resizing CMYK images
OnOne_Genuine_Fractals_Pro_5.04_2.rar (Size: 22004 KB)


onOne PhotoFrame 4.0.1 Pro - Adobe Photoshop plugin

OnOne Software creates photographic plug-ins that work with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Aperture. While their products may seem expensive for the digital photography enthusiast, they make it very easy to create art from a simple photograph. The editing time saved to create a variety of pleasing looks, including newsletter inserts, cards, or professional prints make the initial investment less painful.
Recently onOne Software released PhotoFrame 4 Professional and Standard, their plug-in for digitally adding frames, border effects, adornments, and text overlays to images. Version 4 builds on previous releases by adding hundreds of new frames neatly bundled into a new frame library with added support for both Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 (Professional version only). The plug-in also supports the newly released Adobe Photoshop CS4 and works just fine.

PhotoTune 2.2 - Full Version

PhotoTune 2.2 is an Adobe® Photoshop® plugin that provides professional quality color correction in an easy to use plug-in. PhotoTune 2.2 incorporates ColorTune technology (formerly known as 20/20 Color MD) with its patented color correction process and SkinTune technology, developed after more than two years of in-depth skin color research. PhotoTune 2.2 makes the tedious and time-consuming task of color correction simple and straightforward to improve your post-processing workflow.
OnOne_PhotoTune_2.2.rar (Size: 51382 KB)

Mask Pro 4.1.2 - Full Version

Mask Pro 4.1 is the premiere, award-winning plug-in for masking in Photoshop. The latest version of Mask Pro 4.1 supports masking 8-bit and 16-bit digital images in both Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop CS3. Several new "Show Me How" video tutorials are built directly into Mask Pro 4.1 so you can get visual training quickly. No other masking or selection tool gives you the professional level results like Mask Pro 4.1.
OnOne_MASK_PRO_4.1.2.rar (Size: 57495 KB)

Intellihance Pro 4.2 - Full Version

Intellihance Pro 4.2 quickly and dynamically enhances images to make them look their best. Bring several Photoshop dialog boxes into one so you can easily correct your photos based on dynamic before and after previews. Using the improved Quick Enhance adjustment engine, you can visually compare up to 25 color corrected variations of your photo allowing you to easily correct digital images from any source.
OnOne_Intellihance_Pro_4.2.1.rar(Size: 19678 KB)

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« Reply #2 on: 25 June 2009, 18:11:55 »

Portable Adobe Photoshop CS4 Special Edition (ONLY 63 MB!)



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« Reply #3 on: 16 October 2009, 08:50:35 »

Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9.2.0

Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9.2.0 | 826 MB
Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended is the complete PDF solution for business and technical professionals. It includes all the features and functionality of Acrobat 9 Pro, plus the ability to unify the widest range of content in a PDF Portfolio.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended will enable you to make your own personalized interactive presentations with Adobe Presenter, convert and also share video in PDF files, create PDF maps, convert virtually any 2D and 3D designs to PDF, and enjoy expanded 3D capabilities with the new Adobe 3D Reviewer.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended will enable you to make your own personalized interactive presentations with Adobe Presenter, convert and also share video in PDF files

Here are some key features of "Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended":

Create and share PDF documents

Create and reliably share PDF documents
- Easily convert any document that prints to PDF to preserve formatting and ensure document integrity.

Easily convert files to PDF
- Convert to PDF with one-button ease from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Project, Visio, Access, and Publisher, as well as Autodesk AutoCAD and Lotus Notes.

Scan to PDF with OCR
- Scan paper documents to PDF and automatically recognize text with optical character recognition (OCR) technology to create compact, searchable PDF documents.

Convert e-mail to PDF
- Archive e-mail or e-mail folders from Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes in PDF to facilitate search and retrieval.

Capture web pages as PDF
- Convert complete web pages, or just the portions you want, including or excluding rich and interactive media. PDF versions of web pages are easy to print, archive, mark up, and share.

Enable others to access design data
- Convert virtually any 2D and 3D designs - including layers, dimensions, and metadata - to a single PDF file to share product data more easily and securely.

Create interactive, on-demand presentations
- Use Adobe Presenter, included with Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, to liven up your Microsoft PowerPoint slides with video, voice-over, demos, and interactive quizzes, and then output to PDF for reliable, cross-platform sharing.

Easily share video in PDF
- Convert a variety of video formats to FLV for reliable, cross-platform sharing of video, animations, and applications in PDF documents. With native support for Adobe Flash technology, no additional media player is necessary for playback.

Insert video in PDF
- Embed video in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and convert to FLV in PDF or insert FLV or H.264 video in PDF files for direct playback in Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

Create PDF maps
- Import geospatial files that retain metadata and coordinates to create PDF maps that can be searched, measured, and marked up with Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Discover the longitude and latitude by placing your cursor over a location. Measure PDF maps in real-world units.

Work with Acrobat.com
- Use Acrobat.com services with Acrobat to store and share large documents, collect form data, and review documents with virtually anyone, anywhere.

Combine files from multiple applications

Unify the widest range of content in a PDF Portfolio
- Assemble documents, drawings, e-mail, spreadsheets, and rich media - including audio, video, 3D, and maps - in a single, compressed PDF Portfolio.

Use professionally designed templates
- Choose one of many professional templates to quickly integrate content, define navigation, and add polish to your PDF Portfolio. Add your logo and include descriptions to guide recipients through the contents.

Maintain individual file settings
- Maintain digital signatures and security settings within each individual PDF file and form when combining them in a PDF Portfolio.

Merge multiple documents into one PDF file
- Combine documents, drawings, and rich media content in a single, polished PDF document. Optimize file size and arrange files in any order regardless of file type, dimensions, or orientation.

Include only the pages you need
- Specify which pages, layouts, or sheets should be included from source files in your final, merged PDF file or PDF Portfolio.

Optimize PDF output
- Select from multiple file size and quality settings to optimize PDF output for your intended purpose.

Quickly regenerate a PDF Portfolio
- Re-create a PDF Portfolio after revising source files, without having to locate and gather the native files again.

Unify with headers, footers, and watermarks
- Automatically remove headers and footers from source files and add unifying headers, footers, or watermarks to your merged PDF file or PDF Portfolio.

Attach native files
- Share source files by including documents in their original, native formats.

Protect and control sensitive information

Help secure PDF documents
- Help protect PDF documents with 256-bit encryption.

Help protect data with passwords and permissions
- Use passwords to help control access to PDF documents. Use permissions to restrict printing, copying, or altering. Save passwords and permissions as security policies that can be easily applied to new PDF files.

Permanently remove sensitive information
- Use redaction tools to black out sensitive text, illustrations, or other information, permanently deleting the content from the PDF document.

Remove hidden data
- Inspect PDF documents for metadata, hidden layers, and other concealed information, and remove it before distributing the files to others.

Certify PDF documents
- Use digital IDs to certify documents, signifying that they came from a trusted source.

Sign documents digitally
- Apply digital signatures to authenticate documents, manage their status, and help protect against unauthorized modification.

Help protect attached files
- Help protect all the documents in your PDF Portfolio with 256-bit encryption.

Enable Adobe Reader users
- Extend digital signature capabilities to anyone using free Adobe Reader software (version 8 or later).

Collaborate through shared document reviews

Manage electronic document reviews
- Gain the input you need through interactive, shared document reviews that help participants see and build on each other's comments, which can be sorted by author, date, or page.

Easily review video
- Comment on video using any of the commenting and markup tools to add feedback to a specific frame.

Easily track reviews
- Use the Review Tracker to monitor progress and participation in shared reviews. View the status of reviewers, e-mail reviewers, send e-mail reminders, or invite additional participants to a review.

Modify and end reviews
- Use the Review Tracker to add and change review deadlines, end reviews, delete reviews, and start a new review with the same reviewers.

Include Adobe Reader users
- Enable anyone using free Adobe Reader software (version 8 or later) to participate in e-mail- or server-based reviews using all of the commenting and markup tools in Acrobat 9, including notes, stamps, highlighting, lines, shapes, and more.

View and print comments
- Easily compile all comments in a single PDF document. View and print feedback for easy reconciliation. Sort comments by author, date, or page. Search comments for words or phrases.

Conduct e-mail-based reviews
- Initiate a document review in PDF via e-mail. Merge inbound comments and markups from all reviewers into one PDF document with a single click.

Export comments to Word or AutoCAD
- Select and export comments back to your original Word or AutoCAD file. Comments appear in Word as tracked changes and in AutoCAD as a separate layer.

Compare PDF documents
- Automatically highlight the differences between two versions of a PDF document, including text and images, so you can quickly and easily identify what has changed.

Synchronize document views
- Help colleagues, clients, and partners get on the same page at the same time with the ability to co-navigate documents. To provide clarity and enhance discussion, use Acrobat.com services to enable collaboration on a PDF file. Then distribute the PDF file and walk recipients through it in real time by controlling the page view they see.

Easily create forms and collect data

Easily create and manage electronic forms
- Use the new Form Wizard to convert Microsoft Word and Excel documents or scanned paper to fillable PDF forms.

Optimize form distribution
- Easily distribute forms, combine collected forms in a single document or view for easy filtering and analysis, and export collected data in a spreadsheet*.

Easily track forms and participation
- Use the Form Tracker to see when forms have been completed and by whom and to send reminders.

Get started with form templates
- Take advantage of an existing library of common form templates, such as human resources forms, invoices, and expense reports.

Create dynamic forms Enhanced
- Use Adobe LiveCycle Designer, a professional form design tool included with Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, to further customize and automate dynamic XML forms.

Include Adobe Reader users
- Enable anyone using free Adobe Reader software (version 8 or later) to fill in and save forms locally. By extending Acrobat functionality to Reader users, you can enable virtually anyone to participate in the workflows you initiate.

Collaborate in 3D

Convert virtually any CAD file to a PDF document using templates
- Convert designs from CAD applications such as CATIA V4 and V5, NX, I-DEAS, JT, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, Autodesk Inventor, and many others to rich, interactive Adobe PDF documents to empower customers, suppliers, and co-workers to easily review, mark up, and interrogate designs. Leverage templates to communicate more clearly and effectively.

Reduce the need to create 2D drawings by sharing CAD data containing PMI
- Easily distribute 3D designs containing product manufacturing information (PMI) such as dimensions, tolerances, and annotations to your extended manufacturing teams, enabling them to highlight part models or geometry related to specific PMI. PMI views created in native CAD applications are imported into the PDF document as intelligent PMI views.

Easily create PDF documents from OpenGL applications
- Instantly capture your CAD designs in Adobe PDF with one-button ease from OpenGL-based applications on Microsoft Windows and UNIX systems.

Combine heterogeneous CAD data in one assembly
- Import large CAD assemblies created by different CAD formats into a single lightweight assembly that enables users to visualize, analyze, and interact with large amounts of product data in real time. Quickly evaluate relationships between parts from different designers by loading just the structure tree and model data needed in order to improve productivity and help reduce manufacturing costs.

Measure and cross-section on precise geometry
- Generate dynamic cross-section views or measurements based on precise CAD model geometry. Call attention to parts or subassemblies so everyone fully understands the design details.

Perform physical properties calculations
- Access critical physical properties information on part models or assemblies such as the calculation of bounding box, volume, center of gravity, mass, and surface area to help explore more options. Save time and give more validity to proposals, design reviews, and material usage estimates.

Enable 3D interrogation and collaboration tools in Adobe Reader
- Let your extended team fully participate in e-mail- or web-based reviews of PDF documents. The collaboration tools in Adobe Reader 8 or later enable teams to create 3D markups, add callouts, rotate, zoom, measure, and interact with 3D assemblies and individual parts, as well as save new 3D associated views, cut cross-sections, and view internal structures and assembly relationships, without the need for CAD applications or CAD viewers.

Export CAD data to neutral file formats for downstream manufacturing processes
- Help save money by eliminating the need to buy expensive CAD translators for each CAD format you work with. Convert virtually any CAD format to a neutral file format such as STEP, IGES, or STL that can be used in CAD, CAM, and CAE applications for downstream processes. Export the entire assembly or select which part models to convert.

Insert 3D CAD designs and video into Microsoft Office documents and convert them to PDF
- Easily insert 3D CAD designs and video files into existing and new Microsoft Office documents, including Word and PowerPoint files, and convert them to PDF for easy distribution.

Repurpose CAD design data to publish richer technical documentation
- Quickly clean up CAD designs; create bills of materials; add and modify lighting, materials, or colors; create exploded views, balloons, and animations; and then save as PDF or 2D raster/vector images, creating richer and more interactive technical manuals without the need for an expensive CAD application.

Generate mold parting lines and analyze draft angles quickly
- Reduce the time it takes to design various types of molds by automating the calculation for core/cavity splitting. Use interactive mold analysis tools that automatically generate parting lines and parting direction. Easily calculate draft angles based on different manufacturing conditions.

Use open standards

Create standards-compliant documents
- Create documents in PDF/A, the ISO standard for long-term archiving of electronic documents; PDF/X, the ideal format for high-quality, professional printing; and PDF/E, the standard format for the reliable exchange of engineering documentation and drawings.

Verify compliance with PDF standards
- Get details on compliance of your documents with the new PDF Standards pane, which provides information on PDF/A, PDF/X, and PDF/E.

Create and validate accessible PDF documents
- Ensure your PDF documents are optimized for people with disabilities. Create accessible PDF documents from almost any source to help comply with standards. Quickly evaluate, correct, and automatically tag PDF documents for optimized accessibility and reflow.


-1.3GHz or faster processor
- Internet Explorer 6.0
- 512MB of RAM
- 2.35GB of available hard-disk space
- 1024x768 screen resolution
- DVD-ROM drive
-Video hardware acceleration (optional)
- The Flash Player ActiveX component (typically installed through an Internet Explorer browser) is required to embed multimedia in Microsoft Office applications.
- Quicktime 7.1.2 or higher is required for transcoding video to Flash movie format


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sta je sa serij.br. jer je u rar10 prazan sadrzaj?
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« Reply #5 on: 02 December 2009, 23:05:12 »

This is Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3.0 PRO EXTENDED that I've installed and checked personally !

It's working 100% !

Please follow the installation guide and address images to install without difficulties !!!

Download links:


If you like this post please say THANX ! You are also welcome to share your experience !
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« Reply #6 on: 06 December 2009, 10:50:40 »

Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Full Setup)

Use this very fine product to enhance your images . Edit your photos and images in photoshop and give them a exciting
new look.

Adobe Photoshop has been a fixture of the image editing business for so long that despite the best efforts of Adobe's
marketing department its name has taken on the status of a household word for image editing. The first version was
launched for the Apple Macintosh computer in 1990, and the program quickly became the industry standard, a position
it has held ever since. New versions of Photoshop have been released every year or two since 1990. They were numbered
up until the launch of the eighth version, called Photoshop CS, in 2003. CS stands for Creative Suite, since
Photoshop is now part of a range of creative graphics and media programs published by Adobe.

While the first Photoshop CS was a major upgrade from the previous version, the two subsequent versions, CS2 and CS3,
were criticised by some people as being only minor updates, and many private users never bothered to update to the
newer products. CS4 however is far more than a minor update of CS3. Whole chunks of the program have been re-written
to make them faster, smoother and more effective, and many new features have been added.

Adobe Photoshop CS4: System requirements

* 1.8GHz or faster processor
* Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 (Service Pack 3 recommended) or Windows Adobe Photoshop CS4Vista

Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (certified for 32-bit
* Windows XP and 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista)
* 512Mb of RAM (1Gb recommended)
* 1Gb of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot
install on flash-based storage devices)
* 1,024x768 display (1,280x800 recommended) with 16-bit video card
* Some GPU-accelerated features require graphics support for Shader Model 3.0 and OpenGL 2.0
* DVD-ROM drive
* QuickTime 7.2 software required for multimedia features
* Broadband Internet connection required for online services

1. Extract the .rar files.
2. Install the application.
3. Use the Keygen provided.
4. Enjoy.


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ajde Reupload sad22
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ajde Reupload sad22

Probaj sada !
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« Reply #9 on: 27 March 2010, 20:17:52 »

Bubbles Photoshop Brushes

Bubbles Photoshop Brushes
19 abr | 14.8 Mb

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« Reply #10 on: 27 March 2010, 21:14:37 »

Cracks Brushes for Adobe Photoshop
120 Brushes | abr | 16.5 Mb

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Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9.3.2

Creating a professional work and exchange of virtually any user regardless of location. Combining a wide range of content including documents, spreadsheets, email, images, video, 3D-graphics and maps in one concise and structured portfolio PDF. Collaborate with reviewing the documents to which granted total access. Creating interactive forms and rapid collection of data. Protection and control of valuable information. Advanced features Acrobat software for users of Adobe Reader.

Content on 01.01.2010:
* Adobe Acrobat Professional Extended Multilingual

Program Name: Adobe Acrobat Professional Extended
Program Version:
Language: Multilingual
Tablet: Is present

System requirements:
* CPU with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz and above;
* Microsoft Windows XP Home, Professional or Tablet PC Edition with Service Pack 2 or 3 (32-bit or 64-bit); Windows Server 2003 (with Service Pack 2 for 64-bit) or Windows Vista Home Basic , Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (32-bit or 64-bit versions) or without it;
* Internet Explorer 6.0;
* 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended);
* 2.13 GB of free hard disk space;
* Monitor with screen resolution of 1024x768;
* Drive DVD-ROM;
* Video hardware acceleration (optional).

Create interactive, multimedia presentations operational
Use Adobe Presenter, included in the software package Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, to revive the slides Microsoft PowerPoint. Add video, voice comments, demos and interactive questions to keep the audience's attention and reinforce the assimilation of the material. Save the presentation in the form of PDF, so that it can be viewed at any convenient time.

Merged very broad range content
Combine documents, drawings, emails and spreadsheets, as well as multimedia components, including video, audio, 3D-graphics and maps-into one portfolio compressed PDF. Choose one of the many professional templates for rapid integration of content, navigation refinement, insert brand symbols and refining portfolio PDF.

Simple exchange video files in PDF
Integrated support for Flash ® technology provides a reliable cross-sharing videos, animations and applications in Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Convert various video formats for playback in FLV PDF files without additional multimedia player.

Creation of electronic forms and management
Converting Microsoft Word documents and Excel or scanned documents in PDF format with automatic recognition filled fields. Using applications Adobe LiveCycle ® Designer ES - a professional tool for creating forms, part of the package 9 Acrobat Pro Extended,, for the creation, configuration and automation of dynamic forms of XML. Inspector forms for viewing the date of filling forms and the author of forms. Simple export data in a spreadsheet for analysis and reporting, either in the database.

Protecting valuable information
Control access to PDF documents and their use, the appointment of digital rights and preserve the integrity of documents. Set permissions for documents that define the ability to print and edit the file. Use passwords to restrict access to documents. Using the editing tools for the reliable removal of classified information. Digital signature and certification documents to verify the reliability of the source from which they came. Creation and use of security policies of documents that can be easily applied to new files PDF.

New features and improvements
* Create interactive, operational presentation applications using Adobe Presenter;
* Combine multiple files in one portfolio PDF;
* Use professional portfolio templates for PDF;
* Convert video to FLV format for viewing in the PDF;
* Use support 3D-graphics and interactive maps PDF.

Enable users of Adobe Reader
Ability to users of free Adobe Reader software to put documents on a digital signature to participate in reviewing the general documents, and save forms locally (requires Adobe Reader 8.0 or later.). Enhanced functionality for users of Acrobat Reader allows you to invite any user to work on business process, initiated by you.

Protecting documents
Use passwords to control access to documents PDF. Use permissions to set restrictions on printing, copying or modification. Save passwords and permissions as security strategy, which can be easily applied to new files PDF.

Save removal of classified information
Use the correct tools to remove the confidential text, images or other data, thus removing the contents of a PDF document without the possibility of recovery. Before you send PDF documents to other users check the documents for metadata, hidden layers and other concealed information, which must be removed.

Providing access to project materials of almost any
Virtually convert any two-and three-dimensional images, including layers, dimensions, and metadata-into one PDF file for more simple and reliable data about the product.

Manage with reviews of documents and tracking their
Get the necessary data through an interactive review of documents, allowing participants to see the comments of other participants, which can be sorted by author, date or page. Use the Inspector forms for tracking progress and taking part in it.

Synchronize display documents
Make sure that the colleagues, customers and partners to simultaneously view the same page in the document, as well as use the opportunity to co-navigate documents. In order to achieve clarity and enhance discussion, the participants send a document via e-mail and work through it, showing all the necessary options simultaneously.

Comparing PDF documents
Automatically distinguishes between two versions of a PDF-document, including text and images that allows the user to easily and quickly identify changes.

View and use of PDF maps
Search, measure and mark on maps with mapping register is PDF. By moving the cursor to any point of the displayed latitude and longitude location.

Package Adobe Acrobat Professional Extended includes:
* Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES;
* Adobe Presenter;
* Adobe 3D Reviewer.

Size : 1347 MB

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« Reply #12 on: 26 April 2010, 20:23:11 »

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable (x32/x64) - Win 7 Compatible | 122 MB

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Portable (x32/x64) - Win 7 Compatible | 122 MB
With the advent of Photoshop CS5 photographers have access to a function of the new generation to create images with high dynamic range (HDR). Combining pictures with different exposures in one HDR-image,Photoshop CS5 accurately retains the full range of key scenes. New technology allows the HDR Pro to eliminate spurious distortions and provides more precise control of the tone mapping. With features HDR rendering, users can simulate HDR-images using a single image, claim the developers.
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Language: English
The medicine: not required

In addition, Photoshop CS5 includes revolutionary tools to enhance the creative potential of users. Brand new drawing tools include a tool Mixer Brush, who mixes an infinite number of colors on one brush tool Bristle Tips, creating the effect of this smear brush. With Puppet Warp tool, users can change the position or view of any element of the image, for example, straightened his bent arm on the photos or adjust an image of the landscape to create a new spatial perspective.


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Title: Adobe Photoshop CS5
OS: Windows XP,Vista & 7 (x86 AND x64 verified)
Crack: Applied
Archive: RAR

1. Extract from .rar files.
2. Run Photoshop.exe
3. Enjoy.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 software redefines digital imaging with a strong focus on
photography; breakthrough capabilities for superior image selections, image retouching,
and realistic painting; and a wide range of workflow and performance enhancements.


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Hvala ! Čuo sam pozitivne stvari o Vama i nadam se da ću dugo i često posjećivati Vašu stranicu. Pozdrav!
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